Meet Our Guests

A huge welcome to our special guests who will be appearing at Cliffecon!

Christopher Ryan
Christopher RyanAutograph £10 - Selfie £10
Phil Fletcher and Hacker T. Dog
Phil Fletcher and Hacker T. DogAutograph and Selfie – £10 Signed Book and Selfie – £20 Signed Plush and Selfie – £25
Caroline Munro
Caroline MunroAutograph £10 - Selfie £10
Dan Walls
Dan Walls Signed comics £5 and sticker packs and cards £1
Amber Doig-Thorne
Amber Doig-ThorneAutograph £15 - Selfie £10
Natasha Rose Mills
Natasha Rose MillsAutograph £15 - Selfie £10
Kevin Pike
Kevin PikeAutograph £30 - Selfie £10
Ray Phillips
Ray Phillips
Michael Stiv Stephenson
Michael Stiv Stephenson
Eileen Dietz
Eileen DietzAutograph - £20 Selfie - £10
Gary Whitlock
Gary Whitlock
Nathan Pegler
Nathan PeglerAutograph £10 - Selfie £10
Dene Michael
Dene MichaelFormer lead vocalist of Black Lace and actor in 'Rita, Sue And Bob Too'
Simon Donald
Simon DonaldCo-Founder and former co-editor of Viz magazine!
Elizabeth Ansari
Elizabeth AnsariAutograph £10 - Selfie £5
Jeff Anderson
Jeff AndersonIllustrator - 2000AD, Marvel UK and more!
Please note that guest appearances are subject to professional work and personal commitments and may change at short notice. Any guest cancellations will be publicised in good time and we will do our utmost to replace cancelled guests.