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Nathan Pegler

Known on the Comic Con circuit as a trader with his business NJP Pastel Art & Illustration, Nathan has now ventured into the world of TV & Film. As a huge fan of the screen, cinema and TV Nathan decided to join a couple of casting agencies and through hard work and good fortune, the rest is history.

Nathans first main gig was to play a body double for Ewen Bremner (famous for playing Spud in the film Trainspotting). This was a period drama called WILL. Since then Nathan has made regular appearances on Casualty, Father Brown , Midsomer Murders , Keeping Faith , Bodyguard, Collateral, Warren, Stella, Pure and Traitors. Nathans most prominent role to date is as a featured supporting artist in the BBC’s Poldark. Appearing in multiple episodes of the fifth and final series he plays Cardy the new Trenwith footman, sharing the set with all the principle cast.

He also filmed a scene in the Bond movie, No Time to Die, as a lab technician who works for Bond villain Safin, played by Rami Malek.

Nathan also appeared in Series 2 of the Philip Pullman adaptation of His Dark Materials on BBC.

Nathan spent seven days in September 2021 filming scenes for the episode Power of The Doctor as a soldier for UNIT, which is a fictional military organisation that often helps the Doctor with particularly perilous situations.

He played a policeman in the new series of Stephen Merchant’s BBC One comedy Outlaws and in ITV drama DI Ray, and spent four months filming George Clooney’s new film The Boys In The Boat in London and Wiltshire.

Most recently he can be seen in season 2 of Loki as a Chicago Security Guard.

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