Meet Phil Fletcher and Hacker T. Dog

Autograph and Selfie – £10

Signed Book and Selfie – £20

Signed Plush and Selfie – £25

Phil and Hacker

Y’alright Cockers!!

Welcome Phil Fletcher and Hacker to Cliffecon! Phil is a British puppeteer. He established his puppet manufacturing and performance company, Gluvets, at the age of 11. After briefly working in manufacturing he found summer work performing in holiday camps and became a full-time puppeteer in 2002.

In 2009 he was cast by the BBC as the puppeteer for Hacker T. Dog for continuity segments on the CBBC Channel. He gave Hacker a voice for the first time and the character proved popular, receiving his own 63-episode TV series, Hacker Time, which was nominated for eight BAFTAs. From 2017 Phil voiced Sweep in Sooty and from 2021 has appeared as Larry the Lizard on Buffering.

Come and meet Phil and Hacker at Cliffecon and Cute Fox Events! They are looking forward to seeing you there!

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