Meet Michael Stiv Stephenson

“Michael “Stiv” Stephenson is a short, balding local artist.

Having spent most of his life in Ferryhill and Bishop Auckland, he moved away to the diamond paved streets of Newcastle to pretend to be a proper Geordie in 2022. He is the Editor-in-Chief and “Art Hume” for Sonic the Comic Online (the fan-led continuation of the UK’s official Sega magazine: “Sonic the Comic”). In 2014, he co-organised the sellout Sonic the Comic Con in York, then took the lead role for its 2023 successor, the inventively titled… Sonic the Comic Con 2023.

He has worked with various hospitals, charities and independent businesses, creating art for merchandise, decoration and advertising. He is outspoken about his support for people with Chronic and “invisible” illnesses, as well as being a huge advocate for sufferers of mental health issues – having himself collected quite the bingo card of both over the years!

Stiv can usually be found scrambling for lost pens underneath his table, gushing to anyone who will listen about Sonic the Comic, or rocking back and forth on the floor, wishing it was 1996 again. Oh, he will also be doing limited sketch requests and selling prints of his work, likely along with a bunch of weird or geeky trinkets because his Mam wants the loft space back.

He enjoys pretty colours, Pokémon cards, and peeling off the plastic bits from brand new phone screens. @Stiv2k across social media”

Come and meet Stiv at Cliffecon!