Meet Simon Donald

Simon Donald

Simon Donald is a co-founder and was co-editor of the British comic magazine Viz until 2003.

At age 15 he set up the magazine in 1979 with his brother Chris from a bedroom in Newcastle. His most famous creation for the magazine is probably Sid the Sexist.

In 1991 he wrote and provided voices for the animated version of Sid the Sexist.

Simon took up the role of co-editor in 1999. He left the magazine in 2003.

The magazine and its remarkable story is celebrated in Simon’s highly rated autobiography, HIM OFF THE VIZ. Simon has been appearing as a stand-up comedian since 2005. He has written and performed seven Edinburgh Fringe shows. He often appears as a character comic as a number of different outrageous creations. The most popular of these is Barry Twyford, a hapless market research dogsbody whose surveys often pose more questions than they answer.

He appears as a compere, both at comedy clubs and events, lectures on the history of Viz Comic to arts and business courses and hosts cartoon workshops for younger students. Simon is a trained actor, in the 1970s he appeared in a number of ground-breaking plays at Newcastle’s Young People’s Theatre, including Alan Plater’s relentlessly cheerless Close the Coalhouse Door.

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