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We welcome Eileen Dietz to Cliffecon with Cute Fox Events!

Eileen’s first big break started when she was cast for The Exorcist. She portrayed two memorable roles in the film ‘The Demon who possessed Regan where she performed all the better known scenes in the films: the vomiting the levitation, the death scene, the abuse of the cross sequence and many others. She is best known for the infamous Face Of Death aka Pazuzu aka Captain Howdy.

 Her film debut was the starring role of Ellie in the movie Teenage Gang Debs. The following year she portrayed Penny Wohl in the critically acclaimed independent film David Holzman’s Diary.  She notably appeared Off-Broadway as the Young Girl in the premiere of Bruce Jay Friedman’s Steambath at the Truck and Warehouse Theatre, then an androgynous runaway in the premiere of Joyce Carol Oates’ Ontological Proof of My Existence. Her portrayal in the play led to an invitation to do a screen test for The Exorcist. Her career took off!

 After The Exorcist, Dietz had a highly active career on television, appearing as a guest star on such shows as Planet of the ApesKorg: 70,000 B.C.Barnaby Jones, and Happy Days, among others. She also portrayed the recurring role of Linette Waterman in the Daytime Show The Guiding Light, the first Soap Opera to shoot out of the country. Then she joined the General Hospital cast as Sarah Abbott, a role she played for two years. She also appeared as a guest star on Trapper John, M.D.  Several well-known projects soon followed such as Constantine, Creepshow III., Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show, Great Job. She also appeared as Winnie Gilmore in Halloween II, directed by Rob Zombie. Eileen has appeared in many indie films and worked for many terrific directors such as Thomas Churchill, David DeCoteau, Perry Teo, Michael Su, Jason Hawkins, Todd Sheets, Joseph Kelly, Michael Leavy, James Basalmo, and James Bressack. She will be shooting several more films in Spring/Summer 2021. 

Eileen Dietz was born in New York City along with her twin sister Marianne and older sister Denise. She is a spunky, vivacious, loving aunt and friend.  In her spare time Eileen and her husband Thomas Albany have a boat and go out to the wilds of Lake Majove to boat/camp in the Coves. They are also football degenerates and spend Saturday and Sundays watching football. Eileen is also an expert at wearing all kinds of monster, demon and witches makeup, having no problem wearing all kinds of prosthetics and contact lenses and horror teeth. She is also an expert horseback rider, riding bareback, Western, English and in younger days, rodeo barrel racing.

Eileen is best known for portraying Pazuzu in THE EXORCIST. First film was TEENAGED GANG DEBS,  then a, PBS Special FOUL with Sam Waterson and  the play STEAMBATH with Tony Perkins,  Joyce Carol Oates’ ONTOLOGICAL PROOF OF MY EXISTENCE  followed which led to her audition for THE EXORCIST.   Coming out to Hollywood she  shot PLANET OF THE APES, the TV show, HELTER SKELTER. and GENERAL HOSPITAL as Sarah locked in a mental hospital.  Eileen has appeared in over a 130 films and TV shows highlighted by Rob Zombies HALLOWEEN 2 and Keanu Reeves’ CONSTANTINE. Favourite Indies  include OF THE DEVIL, THE LAST SLAY RIDE, ABNORMAL ATTRACTION, BLOOD THIRST, and the soon to be released, DAY OF THE CICADAS, BLACK MASS,  and NIGHT OF THE CAREGIVER, and next up Larry Bones’ THE DARK WORLD OF OZ.

Come and meet Eileen at Cliffecon. She is looking forward to meeting you!

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