Meet Dan Walls

Cliffecon Dan Walls

Dan Walls is a Newton Aycliffe native that specializes in large scale murals under his business Illumination Wall Art.

From kid’s rooms to commercial buildings, he has spray painted on pubs, restaurants, gyms, garages, offices, leisure centers, music festivals, vehicles, and much more! Some of his biggest clients include Amazon, Sunderland Football Club, The Bowes Museum, The Metro Centre. He was  even commissioned by The Duke Of Devonshire.

Alongside painting murals and fighting for legal graffiti  Dan Walls produces comic covers and hundreds of Sketch cards for companies including Gabes Cave, Studio Thwip, Upper Deck (Marvel)  R.R Parks (Ultrarman) and Fleer (Looney Tunes)

At Cliffecon Dan will be signing comics and selling merchandise including comics, stickers and Sketch cards

He’s also available for commissions, beers and chats!

Come and meet Dan Walls at Cliffecon!